Spiritual Venturers

Spiritual Venturers

Do you have a desire to change the world?  

Are you seeking radical change?

Are you intrigued that someone will ask you powerful questions that might lead you to your true passion?

Are you ready?

The first thing to be realized is: It’s ALL a spiritual venture.  Whether it’s our work, relationships, leisure, or play, the underpinning is one’s spiritual path - one’s connection with one’s own personal concept of spirituality and one’s connection with self within that.

Perhaps you’re on your path, perhaps you’re just beginning, perhaps you long to find your way.  We understand.  We live it, too.  In fact, the rest of our work would be much less meaningful and satisfying if we didn’t understand how to include this component.

One’s Mind-Body connection, one of the core pieces of all our work, is the key component to taking our spiritual path to the next level.  Some of us are good at being in our body:  working hard, exercising, and feeling emotions, but feel a bit foggy or confused about how to process or utilize that information.  Others of us spend all our time in our head - thinking, processing, and daydreaming, but are challenged with feeling deep connection, to ourself and our feelings or to others.  The opportunity is to connect it all - like plugging in a power cord from a lamp into an outlet.  As my father would say in such a case:  “Let there be LIGHT!”  (with arms outstretched and a wry grin).  Yes, let there be light.


Our definition of Inspiration:  “First within me, everywhere else next.”  Sounds doable, right?   It is easier and harder than you think.

We cannot wait to connect with you on this one!

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