Students & Parents

Students & Parents

Looking for someone who gets it? Someone who is empathetic to either parenting or being a bright student who may or may not be thriving?

Struggling with:


...producing output, especially anything written?

...keeping up and staying organized?

...navigating social nuances leaving one feeling isolated or alone? avoidance?

...complete emotional disconnect?

First, we must be extremely clear as to what needs to occur to really address these confounding issues. The obvious answers of “just try harder”, get an organizational system in place, or set up a system of rewards and punishments does not work in the long run. We are all about sustainable, long-term solutions that result in transformative change for a lifetime. So, initially we must get to the core issue of what one truly wants:

What Students really want: to be understood, to understand oneself, to advocate, to be autonomous, to connect with self and others, and, most importantly to know what is important to oneself and be decisive.

What Parents really want: to have understanding, peace and confidence.

These ‘wants’ are the actual keys (plus some design and accommodating systems) to being successful, organized, less anxious, and productive. In order to possess these keys, it honestly takes finding one’s connection to self and passion. No one can overcome any challenge unless they are internally motivated. Internal motivation can only be generated by knowing one’s own true passion. Our concept of passion includes both knowing what one loves to do and is good at, AND more simply, what is important to me about doing a particular task in a particular moment (eg Why would I want to write this essay?). One can only discover one’s passion by connecting to oneself and this includes the everyday decisions we make many times a day. This is THE core challenge for our clients. Opening this door is the most important step in beginning to address the struggles that confound our clients everyday.

The ‘naturally occurring by-products’ of discovering one’s true self and passion are:

  • the ability to confidently make decisions
  • ease of initiation
  • ease of transition
  • power to be at choice in one’s life regardless of your age or situation
  • to be a leader in your own life
  • fulfillment with one’s life today and everyday
  • internal motivation that is real
  • a true sense of self and one’s life passion
  • empowered partnerships in life
  • self love and acceptance

Whether you or your student has been formally diagnosed with AD/HD or another specific learning disability or is simply struggling to organize, initiate or produce, we can help. We offer consultations to help you better understand yourself and/or your student and the options you have available to you, and we offer coaching to students and families who are challenged by society’s demands either socially, academically or existentially.

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