Entrepreneurs & Executives

Entrepreneurs & Executives

You’ve got the ideas, probably 157 of them all at once, and you are certainly capable.  So, what has you here?

Struggling with:

...performing up to your own standards?
...making the rubber meet the road?
...getting started?
...producing consistent output?
...keeping up and staying organized?
...follow through?
...maintaining energy?
...relationship challenges?
...work avoidance?
...emotional disconnect?
...complete emotional disconnect?

We know you have tried to address these issues before, so, how is what we do different?

This is likely an approach you’ve not tried... And that is:  It is finally about you.  Our approach is you focused.  You have all of the answers within you you will ever need.  

Those answers simply need to be revealed.

Our philosophy is modeled on the premise: By shifting and aligning closer to who we really want to be, we actually move almost automatically to success at the same time.  

Sometimes, people feel that on one side is who they want to be, on the other side is success, and in between is an insurmountable chasm.  They feel they must let go of who they want to be, and continually change who they are, in order to achieve success. This is both in error and painful. Instead of changing who we are, we have to be more of who we really are.  Then, appropriate action steps can be chosen, and success will be a byproduct.

Our specialized approach to coaching entrepreneurs and executives along with our in-depth understanding of how the brain processes information and informs our daily habits and tendencies, has allowed us to help our clients achieve their goals and create forward movement in every aspect of their lives.

The naturally occurring by-products that are possible include:

    • ease of initiation
    • ease of transition
    • the ability to confidently make decisions
    • being a leader in your own life
    • fulfillment with one’s life today and every day
    • internal motivation that is real
    • a true sense of self and one’s life passion
    • confidence in making decisions
    • empowered partnerships in life and business

Whether you have been diagnosed with AD/HD and desire AD/HD Coaching or are wrestling with production, organization, communication, completing projects or maintaining relationships, we can help. 

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