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Day of Energization

Kimberlee Anne King • Tuesday, November 07, 2017

We are thrilled to offer in collaboration with Dr. Jinnie Cristerna of International High Achievers a Day of Energization on Saturday, December 9. To help you relax in the midst of holiday craziness or just give yourself the gift of a loving break, we want to open our Center to you so that you may have the chance to experience what we have to offer. Saturday from 2:00 pm until 7:00 pm, Ian, Jinnie, and Kimberlee are offering free of charge:

Brazilian Kundalini Light Energizations - Stimulate and draw up your Kundalini energy to enhance not only spiritual perception and cosmic connection but to energize you physically. You have never experienced this before!

Trance Healings - Remove energetic, emotional, and mental blocks to allow energy to move freely through the body. Great way to reduce stress!

Color and Sound Healings - Balance and align the chakras and energy system through the application of color and sound. An absolute delight to experience!

You may schedule your 20 minute session in advance or walk-in. To schedule in advance, please, email kim@inspiredattention.com. We hope you are able to share in our abundance and treat yourself to a few moments of our unconditional love for you.

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