Students & Parents

Often brilliant, and, outside the box

Seeking the actual keys to being successful, organized, less anxious, and productive?


Spiritual Venturer

Connected, and, wanting more...

Are you seeking radical change and transformation? Are you actually ready?


Entrepreneurs & Executives

Extraordinary potential, and, wanting more...

Seeking extraordinary: success, organization, productivity, communication, and, dare we say it: actual peace and happiness?


Are you brave enough to knock?

You must have fierce courage to grab the ring in the lion’s mouth to knock on the door to a new life, a new way of being.

Are you brave enough to face the lion? We all have lions inside of us that represent a core part of ourselves we may be just as afraid to approach as if the lions were real. However, these lions are our greatest ally. You have all the answers within you you will ever need. Inspired Attention is an invested partner who is willing to move forward with you to a new place with the appropriate support. The key is to be at conscious choice every day, in every decision.

This is empowerment. This is more.

To be clear, we could care less about the label or the diagnosis, what we care about are the impacts.

Ian King
President & Founder
Inspired Attention

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